TRANSCARE-VET-3.7 Ultrasound Scanner B/W Imaging System Veterinary.


Applications: Hospital,Clinic,Veterinary



B&W mode:                     B,M,2B,B/M,4B

Display:                           15” HD LCD monitor Resistive touch scree

Touchscreen:                   Full Touchscreen

Transducer frequency:     2-11Mhz

Digital technology:          Wide-angle imaging    


Panoramic focusing technology


Compatible with high and low speed blood


Rolling M technology


Panoramic imaging


Frequency composite


Space compound


Real-time Dynamic Aperture


Scanning depth:               310mm


 Measurement & Calculations

B mode:                        Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length,distance ratio , area ratio, histogram

M mode:                        Distance, time, slope, Heart Rate

Software packages:       Cat, Dog, Horse, Bovine, Goat.etc

 Vet ultrasound scanner Other Parameters

Transducer connector:                    3 active transducer connector ports

Power supply:                                 100-240V~  50/60Hz  <100VA

Dimensions(main unit):                 402mm(W)*385mm(L)*53mm(H)

Peripheral ports:                            Two USB ports,one HDMI port, one s-video out port

Net weight:                                    About 3.0kg

Vet ultrasound scanner Optional Parts

1.Probes: each additional Probe is $650

3.5 MHz convex probe(R60)

3.2MHz convex probe(R50)

7.5 MHz linear probe(L40)

6.5 MHz transvaginal/transrectal probe(R13)

5.0 MHz micro-convex probe(R20)



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