TRANSCARE Wearable Holter ECG with bluetooth,CE , FDA, Application for IOS , Android , Remote diagnosis

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The first wireless Easy Wearable  ECG device
Clinical quality, quick, and easy to use
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What is Transcare Wearable ECG?

Transcare Wearable is a hospital-grade 12-lead ECG device using any Android or Apple phone or tablet. It is fast, user-friendly, reliable and smart and it’s FDA-cleared and CE-marked. Data is stored in the cloud. It is secured and HIPAA compliant, so you know your patients’ privacy meets rigorous security standards.


How does the Transcare Wearable ECG operate?

The Transcare Wearable ECG connects to your device via Bluetooth and is used along the compatible app which is free and available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.


Is it possible to send an ECG from any location?

The device enables the sending of an ECG from your smartphone or tablet from any location with internet connection.


Is Smartheart  easy to use?

The Transcare Wearable ECG device is very easy to use. All 12 leads have been placed along the device’s belt which ensures proper lead placement for each ECG transmission.


Is Transcare Wearable ECG suitable for both men and women?

Yes the Transcare Wearable ECG is designed for both men and women.


Does the Transcare Wearable ECG work around different body types and sizes?

Yes, the Transcare Wearable ECG is a universally fitted device. It can be used on anyone as long as the device can find around the patient’s chest. Different sizes are labeled on the device and designated within the app.


What about large breasted females?

There is no issue with device placement for large breasted females. The device should be placed as high as possible underneath the breasts.


Is there a weight limit?

There is no weight limit.


How long is the electrode belt and elastic band?

Up to 43 inches and for patients 16 and older.

Is it possible to receive reimbursement for ECG with the Transcare Wearable ECG?

Reimbursement for ECG can be done using CPT code 93000. The description of CPT code 93000 for Electrocardiograph is “Routine ECG with at least 12 leads; with interpretation and report”. It is important to refer to the CPT code descriptions in order to ensure that a billed code meets the specific requirements defined for each individual code. You should contact your local Medicare contractor/payer for interpretation of applicable policies.

(CPT Copyright 2012 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association)

Is Transcare Wearable ECG accurate as a standard 12 lead ECG machine?

Yes, in clinical studies we have conducted, the Transcare Wearable ECG  has been shown to be accurate and efficacious as the standard 12 lead bed side ECG.


How do we guarantee cleanliness between patients?


The device can be wiped on both sides with sanitizing alcohol wipes.


Does Transcare Wearable ECG interface with EMRs?


Once the ECG is complete, you can download it via the Physician’s Portal or the link in your email as a PDF. This PDF can then be integrated into your existing EMR.


Do I need to apply a special gel to perform the ECG?

No.  Just moisten the areas of body that come in contact with electrodes with water.


How quickly do I get ECG results from Transcare Wearable ECG?

You’ll get results within seconds. Smartheart Pro sends them to your smartphone or tablet ready for you to view. Simultaneously, the ECG can be viewed and accessed via remote login to the Physician’s Portal where you can add interpretation

Who does the ECG finding results?
These findings are done manually by our 24- hour professional medical staff.
How fast are the ECG findings results?

In a matter of seconds, the ECG is sent to Telemedicine Centre for evaluation. As a subscriber, you will receive full medical findings of your ECG done manually by our 24-hour professional medical staff.

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